Cinque Terre is the Fiat prototype based on the Idea, and was presented in 2004 in occasion of the 74th edition of the Automotive Salon in Geneva.

The exterior design of Fiat Idea 5 Terre was developed by the Fiat Style together with Inovo Design.

The model, whose strongest characteristic is that of being transversal, shows aspects that belong to different types of cars like the functional aspect of a SUV, associated with the modularity and the flexibility of an MPV’s interior. The main difference between the 5 Terre and the basic Fiat Idea lays in the off-road style of the vehicle that appears in different aspects, like in that of a higher setting and in a bicolour livery that associates the triple layered Rainbow Gold paint with the Musk colour of the side protections that find inspiration in the colors of the Mediterranean Scrub. Among the materials that remind those of the natural world, the floor and the trunk are covered with woven coconut, the upper part of the dashboard feels at touch soft and porous as if it were real musk and the door panels are of a musk color with an insert saddled in Maktub that also covers the seats.

The front headlights, characterized by a teardrop design and an oblique cut, placed inside a sort of eyelid, convey a Hi-Tech character. Among the unchanged genes of the basic model, there remain the big windows that give the vehicle a less compact look and notable visibility and brightness

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