Fiat Ducato


Heir to the FIAT Light Commercial Vehicle, introduced  in June 2006,

Inovo Design collaborated with the FIAT Style Centre to develop the style of the new Ducato.


The difficult task is to reinterpret one of the most successful commercial vehicles of the FIAT Group, more than 2 millions sold since 1981. Ducato alone represents  more than 31% of the FIAT LCV sales (FIAT professional).




The short story of the project


Right from the beginning there were several Style Centers involved in the project in addition to the FIAT Style Centre. Inovo Design collaborates in the project  directly in close contact with the FIAT managers, with 10 designers and subsequently with the developers of the mathematical surfaces.


The first few months of the research begun in May of 2002 were spent on the exhausting research for a product that could maintain the characteristics and peculiarities of the previous model and at the same time become a new benchmark in the market.


Inside Inovo-that had recently been settled in the new location in via Vigliani 123 -

the lines of research were followed for the "icon" (Example: TGV / Truck / EVO / Cubo...) with the intent to direct the first exploratory phase towards the different aesthetic / functional approach concepts.


... several comparative tests with 2D sketches and immediately after the first meetings with the development of dozens of 3D digital models (from simple silhouettes to more complex detailed models) gave results for a few months "daunting" with an overall design that despite being "different" always seemed outdated and too close to the Ducato second series ...



Throwing a stone into the water


In the last attempt with a clinic test between the dealers and the general direction Inovo Design comes out with two proposals that enthuse the leaders of the project. It was the stone thrown into the water that gave an opportunity to develop what we called a TGV and that became a new Ducato.


The contents of Style: Exterior


"The New Ducato is distinguished by its original shape and balance of the volumes. In fact, inspired by the sleek lines and aerodynamics of high-speed trains, the design of the new commercial vehicle immediately evokes dynamism, strength and distinctive personality. Moreover, the design of the New Ducato is also “intelligent”, because it favors the function (which is natural for the commercial vehicle) without sacrificing aesthetics. For example, the bumper is divided into three parts in order to ensure lower costs of repair / replacement in case of accident and, consequently, lower insurance costs in some countries. In addition, the angle of the windscreen pillar allows you to get one of the best CX of the category (0.31) while clean and smooth features contribute to a better linearity and volume of the cargo.


The front part of the New Ducato has a strong personality and is characterized by the interplay of proportions between the large front bumper in contrast to the compact bonnet. It is a styling solution which gives the FIAT commercial vehicle a sense of strength and solidity combined with the elegance of the lines which continue over the whole profile of the vehicle.


In detail, the front bumper, gray in color, is divided into three separate parts, where the central part integrates the calender  with its innovative features and proportions. Painted steel frame houses the array of black color in which the emblem with a large FIAT logo is positioned. In addition, the two sides of the bumper has a wraparound design that gives the vehicle a sense of compactness and robustness. At the bottom there are two rectangular emblems, placed on the sides of the cooling rack, housing the fog lamps. The bumpers also contain two lateral grooves that provide a support surface for easy cleaning of the windscreen.


The large polycarbonate headlights with clear lenses have a rounded profile: they reopen the lines of the front end and project dynamically towards the roof of the vehicle. The perception of excellence in the lighting function is immediate. The 3 reflectors inside carry out the functions of beam, low beam and direction indicator. They are made with cutting-edge treatments and help make the new Ducato a distinctive vehicle.

Finally, the large windscreen gives the vehicle a great brightness and visibility while the special windscreen wipers of the "flat-blade" type have a low, aerodynamic profile to minimize noise and disturbances due to air turbulence, in addition to allowing an effective glass cleaning. "

The contents of Style: Interior


"Inside, the vehicle has a simple style and elegant features, depending on the outfit, new colors, fabrics and design of the seats, dashboard and door panels. In addition, the clear lens passenger compartment can be proud of a well-lit interior and excellent visibility, thanks to the large glass surfaces that optimize the working conditions ensuring maximum comfort. And again, the new bridge has been designed to ensure optimal performance and elegant shapes, everything is at your fingertips or look, favoring the driving and limiting factors of distraction for the driver. In short, the New Ducato offers a modular cockpit, uniform and essential that favors functionality and comfort and creates a feeling of safety. "



"The new model confirms the utmost attention to the factors related to ergonomics, acoustic comfort, climatic and vibrational comfort. The well-being on board is in fact a matter of primary importance to the user of a commercial vehicle who spends long hours at the wheel often in challenging conditions. For this reason, the cabin has been designed as a mobile office: cozy, bright, comfortable, quiet, with a car-like driving position, ideal to face the road in the best psycho-physical condition, with plenty of storage space (drawers, counters and shelves) for possessions (PC, maps, cell phones)."





Paneled and glazed trucks single or double cab versions for transport and bases for transformation.

2 classes of mechanical std with the 15 " wheels and maxi with the16 " wheels


3 steps, 4 lengths and 3 heights for the trucks.

4 steps and 5 lengths for the trucks and the bases for transformation


from 5 to 32 seats for passenger vehicles (Combi, Panorama and Minibus school bus)


in total 300 kinds of сar body and more than 2000 versions to choose from




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