Inovo Design has been an industrial design firm since 1995. Over the years the process of product development has changed considerably. Inovo is one of the few studies to have adopted immediately the new digital tools, hardware and software design.


Inovo in 2000 was one of the first studies able to immediately and completely design in digital. Today everything is easier!


The technologies have evolved dramatically. The tools in the hands of designers have matured and now the quality is expressed at a level never achieved before. Despite the new technologies are considered essential to achieve this quality, talent and passion are exceptional human qualities.


Inovo over 15 years believes in young designers, in their formation and growth. Over 80 young designers have been part of our team work over the years. Many of them today are professional designer who work in the most famous international industries.

Cars, motorcycles, industrial products of all kinds, a pinch of experience needed to design new products has grown here in Inovo.


Since 1999 we offer to Italian and international industries a team of high level designers in Co.Location. We offer our customers the experience in forming new human resources and the capacity to meet the demand for outsourced staff with high efficiency and quality standards.


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